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Are you interested in gaining access to resources and tools designed to support dental professionals? Read on and learn more about how the LISTERINE VIP Program can support you in helping your patients achieve optimal oral health.

Join the LISTERINE VIP Program today for perks that help you help your patients

The LISTERINE VIP Program is designed for dentists and dental hygienists dedicated to helping patients achieve the very best oral health outcomes.

We know you want to support your patients in attaining optimal oral health by educating them about best at-home oral health practices. The LISTERINE VIP Program is here to support you by giving you access to the educational and professional resources you need to carry out your mission. 

Have you made it your mission to help your patients achieve better oral health outcomes through best at-home practices? Register for the LISTERINE VIP Program today and allow us to help you help your patients.

By being an exclusive LISTERINE VIP Program member, you will receive perks such as:

  • Best practices and advice from fellow dental professionals
  • Clinical literature about at-home oral care
  • Patient education tools and programs
  • Notifications regarding member perks at upcoming conferences

Calling All Oral Health VIPs

Join other caring dental professionals in our VIP Program and support your patients’ optimal oral health through better at-home practices.