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Dentist educating a male patient about oral health.

Patient Education Materials

Welcome to your online go-to for interactive ways to help your patients on their way to achieving and maintaining an optimal level of oral health.

Check in anytime

Choose from a variety of tools specific to different aspects of oral healthcare, each designed to inform and enlighten. Feel free to browse, learn, and download whatever suits your needs.

Patients notes and goals printout for oral health

Hand your recommendation directly to each patient—complete with their oral care goals, your recommended products, and stats to support your advice.

Listerine product picker chart with mouthwash products

Give every patient all kinds of specific information, so you can help narrow down which LISTERINE® product is right for them.

How sugar and sweets causes tooth decay with little girl in a halloween costume

Guide families through a tricky time for oral health with this pamphlet packed with tips to help keep teeth and gums healthy.

Listerine mouthwash bottle outline with data sheets againt a blue background

Explore a wealth of evidence about the safety and efficacy of LISTERINE® mouthrinses.