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3 Essential Oils

3 Essential Oils

Learn how this unique fixed combination is designed to deeply penetrate plaque biofilm and kill the bacteria that can cause plaque and gingivitis.

LISTERINE® Antiseptic cleans where brushing can’t.

With the help of its unique formulation10 that includes the 3 Essential Oils (eucalyptol, menthol, thymol) LISTERINE® Antiseptic penetrates plaque biofilm killing bacteria in virtually 100% of the mouth.2,10-12 Unique to LISTERINE® Brand Antiseptic, this fixed combination of the 3 Essential Oils formula is not offered by any other oral health care brand.

To help patients kill the bacteria that can lead to plaque and gingivitis, recommend a LISTERINE® Brand rinse with the 3 Essential Oils formula, like LISTERINE® TOTAL CARE, for a complete oral care routine.

See the science up close

Watch the video below to learn about the germ-killing power of our antiseptic products with the unique formulation of 3 Essential Oils.2,10-13

30 Second Exposure

Learn about the benefits of 30 seconds of exposure to LISTERINE® Antiseptic.

Germ Kill

Learn about how LISTERINE® Antiseptic products kill bacteria and penetrate plaque biofilm.