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Réduction de la gingivite vs CPC

Gingivitis Reduction vs. CPC

Recommend a rinse with greater gingivitis reduction.

LISTERINE® Antiseptic regimen reduces gingivitis by 65% more than Crest® Pro-Health™ regimen42

Greater gingivitis reduction

Whole mouth Modified Gingival Index at 6 weeks. Modified Gingival Index (MGI): A scale of gingival health that evaluates inflammation: 0 = no gingivitis, 4 = severe gingivitis.
†Comparison of brush/floss/rinse regimen vs brushing alone.
‡Shown above is incremental reduction (units) in MGI from baseline of brushing alone (MGI of 2.02): Brushing alone MGI = 2.02; Crest® Pro-Health™ regimen: MGI = 1.77; LISTERINE® Antiseptic regimen: MGI = 1.59.

Healthy Gingival Sites vs. CPC

LISTERINE® Antiseptic results in 46% more healthy gingival sites than CPC (Crest® Pro-Health™)44

Plaque Biofilm Penetration vs. CPC

See how the plaque biofilm penetration of LISTERINE® Antiseptic compares to cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC)